February 7, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Meld Cinematic in Video Game Marketing

Gone are the days when video games were for simple playing. Today, video games draw you into their complex world and complete the escapism experience with top-notch cinematic.

As a result, cinematic has become a vital element of video game marketing.

What Is Cinematic?

Cinematic used to be a term solely associated with films. As developers have elevated all aspects of the gaming industry, cinematic also became an indelible part of the game.

It is used as a storytelling device, such as pausing gameplay for conversations or sequences that move the plot forward. Cinematic, too, is extensively used in video game marketing to entice audiences to purchase new games.

Cinematic takes video games to the next level.

Top 5 Reasons Why Cinematic Is Necessary

Technically described as a full computer-generated short film that is a higher form of 3D animation and VFX, cinematic is also used in game trailers.

Here are the top reasons why they have become a vital part of video game marketing:

1. Create an Impactful Marketing Campaign

The global video game industry is expected to be worth $200 billion by the end of 2023. There are over three billion video gamers worldwide.

There is a huge market for video games, but the competition is also incredibly stiff. How do you get ahead of the competition? By creating an effective marketing strategy and starting it off with a masterful video game trailer.

Marketing and advertising for a video game is a long process—it starts long before it is even finished or released. Cinematic is just one aspect of marketing that needs to make the most impact.

When you make an impact with cinematic marketing, audiences will be more receptive and excited to see all the other marketing elements, dynamic or static in-game advertisements, social media posts, and other creative endeavors as you launch the game.

2. Hype Up the Audience

Video games have trailers for the same reason why movies do—they build hype. In fact, cinematic trailers are considered the most important piece of marketing for video games. Gamers can get excited about relatively unknown or mediocre video games because the cinematic trailer drummed up a lot of interest.

In 2011, Dead Island launched a trailer that some gamers called misleading. The actual video game wasn’t as emotional as the trailer presented. But as far as marketing goes, the Dead Island trailer is considered one of the best—even if it was released over a decade ago—because it successfully hyped up the game long before it dropped.

How do you excite the audience? By presenting an exciting storyline that intrigues and piques gamers’ interests. It should also create a deep emotional connection with the audience.

As online marketing strategies have evolved, game trailers must be hyped up. Many trailers now have their own advertising campaigns, including an announcement when the trailer drops and countdowns on social media and the official website.

3. Appeal to Your Target Audience

Your marketing team must have data on your video game’s core target audience so you can develop strategies and create content that will appeal to them.

You can attract your target audience through the storyline, characterization, and even music. With just a minute or less in trailer time, you must isolate the plot that would interest your most valuable gamers.

4. Feature Character Design

In many cases, the characters are the face of the video games, even if the gameplay is the heart. An effective video game trailer will showcase characterization and a bit of the journey that the characters will go through. Top-notch character design must also be highlighted.

With today’s technology, character design has become much more realistic and nuanced, which has only improved video game storytelling.

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular video games of all time, and Enzo is one of its most important protagonists. At E3 2011, the company released a trailer showcasing an older Enzo on his final quest. The trailer successfully made Enzo a talking point for gamers and enthusiasts because it triggered many reactions to his progression: shock that he is at the twilight of his career and fear that the last quest would lead to his end.

5. Highlight Gameplay

A masterful video game cinematic must showcase the gameplay and highlight the features that make the game unique and better than the hundreds of thousands of other games on the market.

In 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released an Everyone Is Here trailer that highlighted the best of its gameplay. Many have called it the most hyped Smash Bros. trailer ever, and it featured the heart of the video game.

How to Create Amazing Cinematic for Video Game Marketing

Now that you know how important cinematic is for video game marketing, here are the steps to help you make an impact and hype up gamers around the globe:

Hire a CG Studio That Understands the Game

Partner with a computer graphics and animation studio with versatile gaming cinematic productions under its belt. It’s better to hand over the reins of a trailer to a third party that knows the industry and how to pique gamers’ interest.

Highlight Important Elements of the Game

You must feature three major game elements in the cinematic trailer: storyline, characters, and gameplay. Gameplay is what the video game is about, but the characters and plot make it unique and worth paying attention to.

These elements can help you create an impactful cinematic that will get gamers’ attention.

Hype Up Your Video Game Trailer

While cinematic marks the launch of a long video game marketing campaign, it also needs its own advertising strategy. Hype up your audience and generate buzz so they will be excited to watch the trailer the moment it is released

Cinematic Markets the Game

Market your video game with a promotional cinematic that excites your target audience and the rest of the gaming industry. Partner with a trusted CG and animation studio and highlight gameplay, storyline, and characters.




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