Optimizing Video Game Cinematics on a Budget

In times of economic uncertainty, marketing budgets often suffer, leaving companies with the challenge of delivering results and fueling growth while maintaining financial stability. As highlighted by the recent Harvard Business Review article ”…The general rule of enterprise finance is that marketing budgets drop like a stone at the first sign of trouble and rise […]

How Video Game Companies Leverage Cinematics on TikTok

Gaming industry is undeniably a rapidly growing and immensely competitive sector, offering significant revenue opportunities. But as competition intensifies, marketing managers within gaming companies are looking to optimize their marketing campaigns to effectively reach their user acquisition objectives. With the rapid rise of TikTok, leveraging this popular platform has proven to be a game-changer. Video […]

3D Animation Outsourcing: How To Do It Effectively

3d animation cient and vendor

In today’s digital era, outsourcing 3D animation services has become a popular trend in the entertainment and gaming industries. With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for quality 3D animation, outsourcing has become an effective way for companies to save time, resources and improve the quality of their products. However, the outsourcing process requires […]

The Power of 3D Animation: Enhancing Advertising Effectiveness

The Power of 3D Animation: Enhancing Advertising Effectiveness As the advertising industry continues to evolve, 3D animation has emerged as an important medium for both direct marketers seeking immediate performance results and brand advertisers looking to create or strengthen an image, product, or service. When properly designed and positioned, the use of animation can be […]

Should Video Game Studios Outsource Animation?

Should Video Game Studios Outsource Animation? Since video game development involves so many processes, it can take years to develop a successful video game. Game concept development, scripting, programming, character design and creation, animation, level creation, and testing are all intricate work that takes time. With studios having so much on their plates and looming deadlines […]

Top 5 Reasons to Meld Cinematic in Video Game Marketing

Top 5 Reasons to Meld Cinematic in Video Game Marketing Gone are the days when video games were for simple playing. Today, video games draw you into their complex world and complete the escapism experience with top-notch cinematic. As a result, cinematic has become a vital element of video game marketing. What Is Cinematic? Cinematic […]

3D Animation Trends for 2023

3D Animation Trends for 2023 With the proliferation of 3D animation in the media lately, it’s hard to imagine that back in the day, it was uncommon for 3D animation to be used anywhere else apart from movies. Now, we see the rise of 3D animation in everything — from business, advertising, communication, educational content, […]

What is character animation?

Character design and character animation

The Fascinating World of Character Animation Ever marveled at Elsa crooning in Disney’s Frozen or wanted to deliver punches like Ryu or Chun Li in Street Fighter V? Then you’ve witnessed character animation at its finest. It’s all around you — in video games, movies, or even advertisements.  So, what is character animation?   It’s simple: […]

How Much Does One Minute of 3D Animation Cost?

3d environment for the animation project

How Much Does One Minute of 3D Animation Cost? 3D animation can be a great way to convey your message clearly and entertainingly while keeping the audience engaged. High-quality 3D animated videos can cost anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 per minute. At this cost, you will get polished videos with advanced animation effects.  From character […]