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January 23, 2023

3D Animation Trends for 2023

With the proliferation of 3D animation in the media lately, it’s hard to imagine that back in the day, it was uncommon for 3D animation to be used anywhere else apart from movies.

Now, we see the rise of 3D animation in everything — from business, advertising, communication, educational content, and informational content. There’s a different appeal to creating art in 3D as well as watching images and characters move with lifelike accuracy.

3D animation is an ever-evolving field, with new techniques and technologies being developed all the time. As we look ahead to 2023, there are a few key 3D animation trends that are poised to shape the industry in the coming year.

1. Hyper-realistic CGI and Photo-realistic 3D

CGI (computer-generated images) and photo-realistic 3D techniques are just getting sharper and sharper by the day. In addition to big Hollywood studios like Marvel employing CGI and 3D, businesses and advertisers are getting in on this trend by creating incredibly unique, lifelike branded content.

Typically, animators create projects that move at a speed of 15 frames per second which is the industry standard. The competitiveness in the industry has resulted in artists creating photo-realistic images that use 24 frames per second during animation. The result are images that are smooth as butter and indistinguishable in realism as images shot with a video camera.

With CGI and 3D, artists and modelers can build worlds, characters, landscapes, alien life forms, and more — the possibilities are endless. Its use in video games, film, advertisements and social media marketing makes it an incredibly attractive trend for animators.

Since they can now model almost anything in photo-realistic quality and detail, companies can appreciate how visual elements will look and feel before the entire project is completed. Hyper-realistic visuals have advanced to such a degree that even human beings can be digitally depicted.

2. Anti-gravity

Stories and concepts can take place in space and foreign worlds. This is why anti-gravity animation is wowing audiences with its fluid floating effects. The ability to animate buoyant objects is a different skill altogether. Many advertising campaigns like to showcase products and services with this innovative animation style.

For example, an ad for fruit juice can have a bigger impact on viewers by using anti-gravity effects.  Picture an image of full, ripe grapes bouncing on screen, blended into a bright purple liquid that floats around and eventually cascades into a bottle.  

Visuals like these are attention-grabbing and captivate consumers.

3. Psychedelic Animation

Like all things in the fashion industry, old is gold. The 70s, 80s, and 90s are back and are bringing with them nostalgic psychedelic art. The use of psychedelic 3D animation is rampant in the music industry because these trippy visuals go so well with looping melodies and trance music.

Animators are using this trend for art projects to convey nostalgia and evoke emotions that are associated with a daze or trance-like state. Plus, the vibrant colors and bizarre, lucid art is super cool to look at. 

4. 3D Animation in VR

Customer purchasing habits are undergoing a radical shift. Users want to be associated with the products they purchase. This has paved the way for 3D animation techniques in virtual reality.

Customers can virtually interact with products as a result of virtual reality technology. This increases brand visibility because 3D animation is more effective than standard displays. The result is a richly immersive experience that’s more memorable, creates a stronger emotional bond, and ultimately increases customer retention.

Brands use VR in stores to create unparalleled shopping experiences for customers. To create these interactions, they need animators who can work with virtual reality software and aren’t afraid to be creative and innovate.

The vast majority of animated content is now created for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

5. 3D Animation in AR

Speaking of AR, augmented reality is widely popular in gaming. These days, even mobile phones are capable of handling AR. Remember how popular Pokemon Go was in 2016?

The beauty of AR is it adds an element of whimsy, art, and reality to our already existing, natural surroundings.

3D animation in AR has helped create stunning educational content too. If you Google “tyrannosaurus rex” on your phone, it gives you the option to view the dinosaur in the room you’re in. All you need to do is provide camera access and the dinosaur moves around, shakes its head, and raises its tail, giving you a realistic illusion of what it would be like to have a huge dinosaur in your living space.

More and more animators are drawn to this style of integrated graphics because of its numerous, engaging applications.

6. 3D Characters

This might seem like an obvious trend but animators are only becoming more advanced by creating holistic 3D characters whether it’s for a brand, a movie, or an animated show. Cute and whimsical characters are easy for consumers to relate to and can trigger an emotional response.

Many children’s shows and content rely on the creation of 3D characters because of their ability to quickly elicit engagement.

Animators creating and posting content for kids’ Youtube channels use this type of animation the most whether for educational or entertainment purposes. Character 3D animation has an established place in the industry and it isn’t going away anytime soon.


The world of animation keeps growing and with it, industry standards as well. Animators and studios work tirelessly to keep abreast of new 3D animation trends so they can continue creating awe-inspiring, beautiful motion graphics and animation.

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